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Research – To – Practice Conference
«Integrated Pain Management»

Research – To – Practice Conference

«Integrated Pain Management»

6-7th of November 2020

Dear colleagues!

Since our “Association of Pain Medicine Specialists” held the first conference “Pain Medicine in Outpatient Practice” in April 2018, there has been a significant increase in public attention to pain problems. In June 2019, we took part in the first round table in the RF Duma dedicated to the organization of treatment of chronic pain in Russia. Our international relations and exchange of experience in the application of new medical technologies for the treatment of pain are developing. In may 2019, I gave a presentation on intraosseous therapy at the new York State Pain Society conference dedicated to finding a way out of the opiate crisis in the USA. Now a large group of American colleagues are coming to share their best practices in the field of pain medicine at our conference “Integrated Pain Management”, which will be dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the use of intraosseous therapy and will be held on April 24-25, 2020 at the holiday Inn.

At the conference, leading domestic and foreign scientists will present advanced technologies for complex pain treatment.

Dear colleagues, we invite you to our international conference. I hope everyone will be interested and informative.

Evgeny L. Sokov , MD, PHD,
Head Department of Algology and Rehabilitation IOM, PFUR,
Chief of Pain Clinic at V.V Vinogradov City Clinical Hospital,
President Association of Pain Medicine Specialists,
member of International Association for the Study of Pain,
member of New York State Pain Society.


The upcoming conference will be multidisciplinary, general practitioners, neurologists, therapists, anesthetists, rheumatologists, psychiatrists and other doctors are invited.

Participation in the conference is free!

Location:  Holiday Inn, Suschevsky Val 74, Moscow 129272 Russia

Supported by:

  • Association of Pain Medicine Specialists
  • RUDN University
  • New York State Pain Society
  • Moldovan Society for the Study and Management of Pain

Local Organizing and Program Committee:

Chair Sokov Evgeny Leonidovich, MD, PHD, Head of the Department of Algology and Rehabilitation, Institute of Oriental Medicine, PFUR, Moscow

Co-Chair Isaak J. Kriezman, MD, New York State Pain Society Education Committee Chair

Co-Chair Richard A. Gasalberti, - MD, NewYork State Pain Society Founding and Past President

Ekusheva Evgenia Viktorovna, Head of Neurological Department at Academy of Postgraduate Education, Moscow

Zharkov Alexander Pavlovich, Head of the Department of Оosteopathy and Manual Therapy Institute of Oriental Medicine, PFUR, Moscow.

Antipenko Elena Albertovna, Head of the Neurological Department at the Faculty of Additional professional education, Privolzhsky Research Medical University, Nizhny Novgorod

Rachin Andrei Petrovich, Head of the Department of Neurology and Medical Rehabilitation, National Medical Research Center of Rehabilitation and Balneotherapy, Mocsow.

Kornilova Luidmila Evgenievna, Chair professor at the Department of Algology and Rehabilitation, Institute of Oriental Medicine, PFUR, Moscow

Adrian Belîi, State University of Medicine and Pharmaceutics „Nicolae Testemiţanu" · Department of Anesthesiology and Resurrection, Kishinev

Artamonov Michail Yurievich, MD, PhD. CEO MJA HealthCare Network, USA, Pensilvania



Aleksandr I. Nesterov, Candidate of Medical Science, neurologist at Pain clinic at V.V Vinogradov City clinical hospital

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